Amazing Films to Prepare you for Volunteering

DSCF1264Making a conscious decision to volunteer is accompanied by a lot of stress. Torn between trying to pack lightly to thinking whether your best friend can fit into the suitcase together with kilos of home food and all your childhood photos, you sometimes need to take a breath.

And one of the best methods I know are films! Today I want to share some best “medically proven remedies” you can take to get comfy with your volunteering.

1. The Beach (2000)

Why watchto start appreciating the beauty of a new place over slight discomforts of your living conditions. And because everyone needs to see that beach!

When to watch:

  • when afraid of spending a year in “a dog kennel”;
  • when worried that you won’t find friends;
  • when your new home doesn’t look as perfect as on the picture they sent 😉

2-3. Night on Earth (1991) or Paris, je t’aime (2006)

Why watchto understand that the same place looks different in the eyes of different people.

When to watch:

  • when tired of the place you are volunteering at;
  • when afraid to live around strangers;
  • when you need to see new perspectives.

4. Everything is Illuminated (2005)

Why watchto prepare for culture shock and language barrier.

When to watch:

  • when you have no idea what to expect from your project;
  • when looking for a higher purpose of your project;
  • when your work is connected with cultural heritage;
  • when you are a vegetarian.

5. Wonder Woman (2017), or any superhero movie

Why watch: to prepare for saving the world (white bears/Alpine tulips, etc.)

When to watch:

  • when you need a reminder of the purpose of volunteering;
  • when trying to save the world;
  • when your work is connected with peace promotion and bringing happiness to the world.

6. Wild 

Why watch: to learn the art of packing lightly.

When to watch:

  • when you are afraid to be alone;
  • when not sure why you decided to do it in the first place.

7-8. Everest (2015) or La La Land (2016)

Why watch: to remind yourself that any experience is a good experience, even if you fail.

When to watch:

  • before volunteering starts to not get your expectations too high;
  • when something is not going according to the plan;
  • to push yourself to take more initiative.

9. Fire at Sea (2016)

Why watch: to understand local communities and that every story has two sides (at least).

When to watch:

  • before voluntary work with refugees/migrants;
  • when you want to understand contemporary world challenges;
  • to be more humane.

10. Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Why watch: to understand social work in small communities.

When to watch:

  • before volunteering to find your way with people;
  • when trying to understand cultural significance of a local community;
  • to take more initiative.

11. The Durrels in Corfu (2016)

Why watch: to enjoy life without excessive amounts of money.

When to watch:

  • when trying to blend into local community;
  • when you have a bit of free time.


So have fun and enjoy your year!


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